Show Team Riding Team

Our Teams help develop our serious riders into true Equestrians! We offer both mounted and unmounted instruction to help achieve your goals in and out of the show ring!

Purple Team

Our most dedicated riders will choose this option to gain experience and skills to develop a partnership with the horse. Riders will improve their skills quickly and gain muscle memory, endurance, confidence, and advance through the levels!

Green Team

Our serious riders who want to gain confidence and get more practice time in than a once weekly lesson will choose this team and get more time in the saddle!

Click on the link below for information and entry forms for our clinic June 3 and Horse show June 4


Sawyer Equestrian Team

Show Team and Riding Team
Sawyer Equestrian is excited to offer our Show Team and Riding Team for our more serious riders! This team will give our riders an opportunity to develop both their riding skills and horse knowledge in a supportive and fun group environment.

Any rider over the age of five who can walk and trot unassisted (not on lead-line) is welcome to join our equestrian team! Our practice times will be split by age and riding level. This will be determined once we know the members of our team. There are no tryouts, auditions, or cuts.

Show Team or Riding Team
We will all be on one team! Riders will be offered a chance to go to local schooling shows to showcase their skills and receive comments and critiques from outside judges to improve their riding and their scores. Horse showing will not be required in any way. If you are serious about improving your riding for any reason, we would love to have you!
Our main focus will be dressage and combined training (dressage and stadium jumping). We will also offer education that will help with riding on IEA, SCISA, and IHSA teams and hunter pace and cross country jumping.

Unmounted Component
Riders will be educated in both riding and the unmounted aspects of horse care and show prep including, but not limited to:
Goal setting
Etiquette and sportsmanship
Conditioning the horse and rider for competitive riding,
Horse show prep for the horse such as bathing, braiding, clipping, etc.
Horse show prep such as tack cleaning, trailer loading, first aid, etc.
Leading, Longing, and how to safely handle the horse away from home

Mounted Component
Riders will receive instruction multiple times each week to gain riding skills and help form a partnership with the horse in a confidence building environment. Lessons will be small groups or individual depending on the needs and goals of the individual student. Test riding and course work will help students meet the requirements of the show ring and games and team building activities will help students navigate the warm-up rings and sometimes hectic horse show environment. Our goal is to make our team members feel comfortable and confident while also encouraging them to push themselves to learn and become more capable riders. If a rider is losing confidence, s/he may be asked to take some private lessons to help her/him feel more confident. This is not a punishment, but is in place to encourage riders not to become frustrated and give up on their goals.

Days and Times and Fees
June 2022 UPDATE
All of our team will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm to 6:30pm in June!
June 2nd will be a horse show practice time and a farm clean up day. June 3rd is our clinic. June 4th is our first horse show here at Sawyer Equestrian!

July 2022 UPDATE
All of our team will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-6:30
June 15th will be a horse show practice and farm clean-ip day
June 16th will be our second horse show at Sawyer Equestrian!

Purple Team and Green Team
The purple team is for our most serious riders who want to improve their skills quickly and gain muscle memory, endurance, confidence, and advance through the levels. This team is especially recommended for riders who are jumping or who want to jump.
The green team is for serious riders who want to gain confidence and get more practice time in than a once weekly lesson.

The Show Team and Riding Team will meet tuesdays 4:30pm-6:30pm, thursdays 4:30pm-6:30pm.

Join Sawyer Equestrian Team

Contact Dani to Join! (978)-857-8109