Riding Lessons

Sawyer Equestrian offers riding lessons to students ages 2 and up through three different riding programs. Whether you have been riding your whole life or have only ridden the carousel, we have the expertise to help you reach your personal goals and improve your skills.

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Camps and Clinics

To enhance your weekly lessons, Sawyer Equestrian periodically offers Camps and Clinics to improve your skills both on and around our horses!

Our FOUNDATIONS OF HORSEMANSHIP class has started! You can still join! Wednesdays at 5pm. $150 (one time fee)

Our SPRING CAMP IS BOOKING NOW!! —-> 978-857-8109

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Sale Horses and Leases

Sawyer Equestrian periodically offers horses for sale or lease
We have LEASES available for February!
We have one SALE HORSE available now!

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More than a Pony Ride

Sawyer Equestrian provides quality instruction both in the saddle and on the ground. Our students learn about grooming and tacking in addition to riding from the very first lesson. Riders are taught equine behavior, handling, and horsemanship before they mount up.

Our goal is to prepare our riders to achieve their individual goals and gain confidence.


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For More Information, Call Dani at (978) 857-8109 or email Dani@SawyerEquestrian.com